Housing Disrepair Claims

Are You Suffering With
Damp?Mould?A Faulty Boiler?Faulty Electricals?Wall Cracks?A Leaking Roof?Mice?Rats?Cockroaches?

Are You Suffering
Damp?Mould?A Faulty Boiler?Faulty Electricals?Wall Cracks?A Leaking Roof?Mice?Rats?Cockroaches?

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What is a housing disrepair claim?

If your landlord is refusing to carry out vital repair work to your rented property, or if your landlord is repeatedly failing to carry out the correct repairs in order to remedy the issues within your property, you may be able to claim compensation.

Not only will this ensure your landlord repairs the issues but you will also be able to recover any compensation you are entitled to for the pain and suffering you have been made to endure. Tenants are protected by certain UK laws. These laws ensure that you and your rented property are safe, and that the property is kept in a habitable state. Homes in the UK must be kept to a reasonable living standard.

The assistance of an experienced housing disrepair solicitor will ensure that your landlord listens and complies with the requirement of the law. HousingDisrepairExpert.com are ready to assist you with your claim for disrepair. Want to know if you’re are eligible to make a claim?

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  More than half a million social homes in England do not meet basic health and safety standards – The Independent  

Who can claim?

In order to make a claim there is a certain criteria which needs to be met, our experts will look at the following when assessing if you are eligible:

If you feel that the above applies to you or someone you know, let us help. Complete our quick eligibility form in order for one of our experts to get in touch.

How is disrepair calculated?

The disrepair issues in your property may cause all sorts of problems for your and your family. Why should you be made to pay 100% of the rent for a property which is only 50% habitable. You may be able to claim back the additional rent which you have paid. Alternatively, you may be able to claim for any physical or psychological health problems you have suffered with due to the disrepair. The compensation element of the disrepair claim takes all of this in to account. Our experts will ensure that all losses are claimed for.

You may also be entitled to claim for damaged belongings e.g. clothes, furniture, damaged appliances etc.

Disrepair compensation is claimable for:

Once you have completed the initial consultation our experts will advise how much you should look to recover.

  “Tenants’ lives are being destroyed by squalid, dangerous social housing, in unliveable, unthinkable situations.” – Dan Hewitt, ITV  

How Can HousingDisrepairExpert.com Help?

We pride ourselves in being:

What we offer:

Many tenants unfortunately do not know their legal rights, or are scared to take action. We can advise for free on whether you are eligible to make a claim. It is your right to live in a property free from disrepair. We will help ensure your landlord carries out all necessary repairs to your property. We will also help in recovering the compensation you deserve. Why should you suffer!

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Different Types Of Disrepair

We have seen various types of housing disrepair claims over the years. The main cases relate to:

Damp and Mould
This occurs when a landlord has failed to deal with rising damp and mould. This sort of disrepair can cause a number of health issues, affecting breathing and your chest, particularly for children and older people. If your landlord is refusing to get rid of damp or mould, or is contesting whether it exists, we can help.
Unsafe Flooring and/or Staircases
Issues with the floorboards or faulty stairs can cause severe personal injuries. If you have pointed out the problems with your flooring and stairs and your landlord is refusing to carry out the required work, we can assist you.
Faulty Electrics
Having faulty electric outlets in the property can cause to massive injury. Your landlord should always ensure your home can pass an electrical safety certificate and that any loose wires or dodgy outlets are fixed as soon as possible.
Gas and Water Leaks
Gas and water leaks can cause massive problems for your home. Gas, in particular, can be lethal and should be fixed as soon as possible. If your landlord is refusing to help, our housing advisors can help.
Faulty or unsafe Heating System
Having hot water and heat in your home is required by law. If you have a faulty boiler or heating system and your landlord refuses to fix it, you may have a claim for compensation.
Issues with other parts of the home
Rotten doors and window frames, broken fences and gates, loose tiles and brickwork. All of these could constitute housing disrepair.
Infestations – Rats, Mice, Insects etc.
Failing to deal with an infestation can lead to massive discomfort to you and, in some cases, issues surrounding your health.
  Research by Shelter found that 48% of families in social housing who reported issues about poor or unsafe conditions felt ignored or were refused help.  

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